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General Rules

Rule book Disclaimer

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.

 IMAGES, PHOTOS and VIDEO. All images, videotape, camera film, etc… taken on Altus Speedway grounds remains the property of Altus Speedway. All drivers/owners should inform their crewmembers, fans and families that no images may be used for commercial gain without written permission from Altus Motor Speedway, LLC. Anyone found publishing images taken at Altus Speedway without written permission would be in breach of copyright laws. Altus Speedway reserves the right to restrict any person or persons from photographing events held at this facility. Furthermore, Altus Speedway reserves the right to confiscate any film taken of any event.



1. Appeal Process:

1.1 A car owner or driver may file an appeal against a judgment imposed by the Technical Director provided that the individual submits such appeal within one hour of the first judgment. Appeals must be submitted in writing, signed by the applicant, and accompanied by the appeal fee of one hundred dollars. If the appeal is won the fee will be refunded. If the appeal is lost the fee is nonrefundable. Final appeals must be received at the office within 48 hours of notice to appeal.

1.2 The General Manager shall establish procedures for hearing an appeal and shall not be bound by technical or formal rules of evidence for procedure. The hearing will be conducted in the manner best suited to the relevant facts. He or she may review written information concerning the appeal and the decision may be based on that evidence. The decision may also be made to hold another hearing.

1.3 The General Manager shall determine time, date and location of the hearing. The appellate will be notified by phone or in writing. There is no restriction on those who may attend the hearing.

1.4 Cost of the preceding shall be at the expense of the racetrack. However, if the General Manager determines that the appeal may have been instituted without merit, the cost for such hearing will be the responsibility of the owner/driver who instituted the charge.

1.5 The racetrack reserves the right to penalize any driver or car owner judged to be spiteful, malicious, or acts contrary to the rules and regulations. The racetrack shall have the right to publish the judgment of the General Manager and use the names involved. The persons or teams so named shall have no recourse to act against these parties or the publisher of the judgment.

2. Driver Eligibility:

2.1 Our racing events are open to all persons complying with these rules and specifications and their admission into the racing area signifies their acceptance of and compliance with all provisions.

2.1a. All drivers must be at least 14 years of age to compete in paid divisions. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the track manager.

2.1b. All drivers may be required to pass a performance-based driving test. This will be at the discretion of the General Manager.

2.1c. Only licensed drivers and/or owners will be issued car numbers.

2.1d. All drivers must be licensed with the racetrack. License applications are available on-line, by mail or at the track.


 3. Car Registration And Licensing:

3.1 All owners must register their car number prior to their race date. Only single or double-digit numbers may be registered, NO LETTERS! Duplicate car numbers will not be allowed.

3.2 Drivers must register their respective car numbers. Numbers will be reserved at Altus Speedway discretion.

3.3 Annual car registration fee is $15 per car number.


4. Conduct:

4.1 Professional, courteous conduct is expected from all participants at all times. Anyone acting in an unsportsmanlike manner may be put on probation, suspended and/or fined according to the seriousness of the offense. Owners and drivers will be responsible for the conduct of their pit crew and/or any person signing in on their car. The car owner is the sole representative in any debate with an official relating to his/her car.

4.2 Refusal of any owner, driver or crew to abide by the set rules and the usual policy of conducting auto races will be grounds for the management and/or technical committee to refuse to let such person or car take part in race program and/or institute penalties as they see fit. Troublemakers will not be tolerated and may be barred from all speedway events.

4.3 Any participant entering the judges stand, announcers booth, or flag stand for the purpose of argument may be disqualified and lose points and money for the entire program.

4.4 Any person caught striking a track official will be banned from the facility for a period of no less than 1 (one) year. Additionally, we will file charges and prosecute for assault.

4.5 Any fighting in the pit area will subject the offenders to suspension depending upon the seriousness of the incident. Any continuing problems from the same individual will result in permanent suspension.

4.6 No drinking of any alcoholic beverage before or during the racing program!!! Violation of this rule will result in expulsion from the pits. Management shall then determine what disciplinary action to be taken before the next race or meeting, whichever is first.


 5. General:

5.1 Rules and regulations if not covered herein will be interpreted by the officials and management and will be final. The management will make any changes or additions to the rules when deemed necessary for the benefit of all concerned.

5.2 Continuous development in racing may necessitate changes that could not be anticipated at the time of publishing rules. Alternate rules may be necessary to update, modify, add, or delete rules.

5.3 No deviation from normal running rules shall be made unless all drivers, crew and officials are notified of changes beforehand. Anyone not attending pit meeting will not be given consideration on rule changes during an event.

5.4 Decisions of the officials on interpretation of rules and scoring of position in a race will be final. Public address announcements are not official results. Official results must come from the official scorers.

5.6 Track officials reserve the right to refuse entrance to any car, driver, owner, or any other person or persons to the pit area, infield, or grandstands.

5.7 Drivers will adhere to a five-mile per hour speed limit in the pit area. This includes tow vehicles. Fines and/or suspension may result from speeding in the pit area.Golf Carts Only! (No ATV's!)

5.8 The speedway will not be responsible for damage to any vehicles in the pit area or competitions area. Only tow vehicles with racecars attached and official cars, designated by promoter will be permitted through the pit gate. Any other vehicles will be charged $10. All tools and equipment must accompany racecar and/or tow car.

5.9 All drivers must wear approved helmets at all times while they are on the track, including hot laps, time trials, and racing. Fire resistant drivers' uniforms, gloves and face shields are also required.

5.10 All cars must have a catch can on the radiator it must be located in the motor compartment.

 5.11 Visiting cars must comply with the rules and specifications in order to compete regularly at Altus Speedway. However, track officials reserve the right to waive certain irregularities on a one-time basis in order to allow the visitor to compete providing the car will not be a hazard on the track. To compete regularly at the speedway, the car must meet all rules and regulations set forth. Any deviations from the rules should be brought to the attention of the tech steward before the races.

6. Entry Fees/Pit Passes:

6.1 The pit pass is a entry fee charged for your participation in the racing event.

6.2 No driver, owner or crewmember may enter pit area until he/she has registered and signed all entry forms and releases.

6.3 Pit passes may not be transferred or assigned to anyone else. Unauthorized use of pit passes will be dealt with severely.

6.4 Drivers competing in the event will be required to pay a $25 fee/pit pass. Each additional car they enter will cost 40$.


7. Minors Release:

7.1 Anyone less than eighteen years of age must have a release signed by his or her parent or legal guardian. This applies to pit crews, drivers, and anyone entering the pits. This signed release is good for 1 season.

7.2 Minimum age for drivers is 14. We have the release forms available. Contact us before racing. You cannot enter the pit area without having a release executed.


8. Rain Checks:

If rain should occur before all heat races scheduled for the event have been started, rain checks will be given and no purse or points will be paid. If rain occurs after all heat races have been completed, all money earned will be paid for the events completed. The balance of the purse and events will be added to a later program or programs decided upon by the General Manager.

9. Purse and Points:

9.1 The car owner shall earn all points and payment of purses. It is assumed that financial arrangements have been made between driver and owner.

9.2 In case of overpayment of position, it will be refunded to the track or the track will withhold from any future winnings.

9.3 Any car found illegal will forfeit prize money and Points for that event. If protested car is found illegal, winnings will be paid back to next positions.

9.4 Officials must be notified and approved prior to car entering the staging area. General Manager must approve all driver changes.

9.5 The car you sign in at the gate at the beginning of the night, will be your car earning points. If you drive a different car in that class, you will not earn points for the original car number you signed in the gate with. You will earn points for the replacement car you are driving. In case of a 2-day show and an event occurs on Saturday night that precludes the car from competing on Sunday, you will NOT be able to bring a different car to race on Sunday and continue to earn additional points for original car.


 10. Inspection and Protest Procedures:

10.1 Track officials reserve the right to demand the inspection of any part of any racecar for determining the legality without the protest fee. The track officials also reserve the right to refuse the entrance of any car or driver/owner for not complying with the rules.

10.2 A formal protest will be accepted from a licensed driver or car owner only if their car is in a race with the car being protested.

10.3 Protest fee is $250 visual or $500 tear down. The protested car must be torn down or refusal to disassemble for inspection will disqualify car and driver. The speedway is not responsible to furnish any tools or equipment for inspection on a car protested by another driver or car owner. The track will keep 100$of the deposited money to compensate the Technical Inspector conducting the tear down.

10.4 The car will not be allowed to reenter pits until reason for disqualification's is satisfied.

10.5 All winnings and points for the racing event will be forfeited on any car found illegal or upon refusal to tear down. Second offense will result in forfeiting all points for the season.

10.6 Any car found illegal without protest being filed would forfeit winnings to track and forfeit points.

10.7 Track reserves the right to impound parts or complete cars in the event of disqualification or serious accident. Refusal to surrender illegal parts will be grounds for suspension from future events.

11. Line Up and Race Procedures:

11.1 Our racing program is based on a full line of cars in each class. If this number is not available, alternate scheduling of program may be used. Racing events may be lined up in various ways to accomplish the best racing program.

11.2 Lineups for the heat races will be determined by point per night average, draw or time trials.

11.3 Lineups for heat races will be posted approximately ten minutes before race time. It is the driver's responsibility to check the line up and move their car into the staging lane for line up.

11.4 Cars not in their proper place when the pit steward moves them out to the track will be starting in the back of the pack. We will not hold an event up for you.

 11.5 Once the cars have been staged for their event, moving that row straight ahead will fill empty slots in the lineup.

11.6 The inside pole driver sets the pace for the start or restart of the race.

11.7 If a collision or spin out occurs before all cars have cleared the second turn on a start or first restart, the race will be stopped. All cars return to their original lineup position unless they go to the pits or work on their cars. After all cars clear the second turn, the race will be stopped only in case of emergency or multi-car piles up. If the race is stopped after all cars clear turn two but before the first lap is completed, restart will be original lineup double file. Cars causing yellow or red flag will go to the back of the pack as directed by the head flagman.

11.8 Cars may not enter from outside the track area under green flag conditions at Altus Speedway. Cars in the infield may reenter the track if it can be done so safely. Cars may only come onto the track from the pit area while the yellow or red flag or light is on.

11.9 If track conditions warrant a caution or red flag, track scorers will immediately stop recording. The lineup for continuation of the race will be based on the running order of the last completed lap. Cars involved in the crash and cars going to the pits will go to the back of the line. Any car that is worked on by driver, crew, or track officials will be moved to the rear of the line.

11.10 The flagman or officials will at any time during a race have the right to deem a car unsafe and have the flagman give the car in question the black-flag. A black flag for unsportsman like conduct disqualifies that car for the rest of the race. If a car receives a black flag for safety reasons, the car can make repairs and return to racing under the track entrance rules.

11.11 In order to get credit for finishing a race, the driver must start the race.

11.12 At the flagman's discretion, the winner may take a victory lap with checkered flag. One slow down lap will be made after receiving the checkered flag before exiting the track.

11.13 In the case of a dead heat, the win goes to the inside car.

11.14 The flagman's decision will be final during any event. Any argument concerning his decision may result in your disqualification for the entire race program.

11.15 During races, the only people allowed on the track are the safety crew and racing officials. Everyone must stay behind the fences at all times unless requested by the officials to assist for some special reason. Anyone coming on to the track to work on a car will cause that car to go to the back of the lineup upon restart of the race.

11.16 Unauthorized driver change will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all money and points earned during the race program.

11.17 Any driver intentionally causing an accident may be disqualified for the rest of the racing program. Officials will decide what action to take on the offending driver.


12. Flags and Lights

12.1 The following flag system will be used in conducting an event.

Green - Beginning of race, track is clear

Yellow - Reduce speeds and maintains position. DO NOT RACE UNDER YELLOW FLAG.

Blue/Yellow - Passing or move over flag. Cars receiving this flag shall yield the groove so that lapping cars may pass.

Red - Emergency on the track, all cars are to stop immediately and proceed to start/finish line for realignment. No working on cars during a red flag. Cars being worked on will be placed at the back of the lineup.

Black - Consultation flag, pull off track immediately. A rolled up black flag is a warning to the driver. Any over aggressive driving will result in disqualification for that race. A black flag held stretched out is for mechanical or hazardous situations, proceed immediately to the pit or work area.

White - One lap remaining in the race.

Checkered - Race is completed.

End General Track rules.

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