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Mayhem Rules

2014 Mayhem Series Rules

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The below rules are for mechanical and competitive purposes only. All track safety rules must be followed and may be enforced by any host track. Therefore "The Mayhem Series" makes no claims regarding the safety or risk of injury in automotive racing. This series shall not be responsible for any harm or injury of participants and/or spectators. By participating in said event, you demonstrate that you are in agreement with this clause and the below rules.

Any floor pan, OEM frame, or fabricated tube chassis will be permitted. Minimum wheel base is 90 inches.
The rear of the engine must be at least 64 inches from the center of the rear end housing.

Any OEM or sheet metal body (flat side late model or modified type) will be permitted.
Body must be neat in appearance and painted.
Cars must display at least a 12 inch high number on each side of the car, and a 6 inch number visible from both the front and the rear of the car. All Numbers must be in contrasting colors and easily readable.
Cars must run front and rear bumpers. The bumpers must be safely constructed of 2" maximum tubing, with no protruding ends and must not extend beyond the outside of the wheels. Nerf bars must be mounted flush with the body, no sharp edges and constructed of no more than 1 ½" tubing.

All cars must have a minimum of a 6 point roll cage with at least three door bars on the driver's side. 
All cars must be safely constructed and inspected and deemed safe before allowing it to compete.
All competitors must wear an approved fire retardant driver's suit and a minimum of a Snell 2000 or approved helmet.
All cars must be equipped with 3" seat belts and shoulder harness, safely attached to the frame or roll cage.
All cars must be equipped with an approved fuel cell which is safely installed in the car.
Each car must have one 12 volt battery safely attached to the frame or roll cage

In line four cylinders (carburetor type only). No rotary motors.
Ford must be 2.3 or 2300cc no larger.
Toyota must be 22R or 2200cc no larger. 
Stock bore and stroke, can bore up to .60 over.
No Stroker Motors.
Must run stock appearing rods and cranks. Long rods ok.
May run aftermarket cam but cannot exceed .525 lift measured at retainer.
No Roller Camshafts
Two (2) valves per cylinder maximum.
Flat top or dish pistons only.
Engine must be in stock location.
Must use stock head, intake and exhaust manifold,
Headers OK
Must Run Stock Ignition, No MSD
No crank triggers.
1" inspection hole in oil pan recommended. If no inspection hole, pan must be removed at track.

All cars to have no more than a single 500 cfm 2 barrel carburetor with no more than a 1" spacer. 
Gasoline Only
(Racing fuel allowed)
No Alcohol or performance enhancing additives.

Stock appearing clutch and pressure plate OK
Steel stock appearing flywheel only
No Mini Clutches

Drive train:
Transmission must have operable forward and reverse gears. Automatics must have an OEM functioning OEM torque converter.
Any OEM rear end may be used and may be locked. No quick change or trutrac allowed. No locker type differential.

One shock and spring allowed per wheel. Weight jacks, leaf springs adjusters, and coil-over's are allowed.

Tires must be DOT street tires with a minimum tread wear of no less than 360, or legend BF Goodrich and have a maximum width of 9 ½" measure with a go / no-go gauge. No Federal legend pull offs allowed. No TOYO tires, no street Hoosier tires, No racing tires of any kind.
No tire softener.

Each car must weigh no less than 2200 pounds including driver. Any V6 will weigh 2600 minimum or .80 pounds per cc whichever is heaviest. However, cars equipped with 2.0 liter or smaller engines may weigh 2000 pound minimum with drive. All cars may not exceed 54% left side weight. All front wheel drive cars may not exceed 65% front weight. At the end of each feature race the top three finishers will be required to proceed directly to the scales for weighing. Other cars may be weighed at the discretion of track or association officials. The weight of any car may be protested, this protect must be submitted prior to the feature event. A protest fee of $20.00 will be required. Only one person per car being weighed may be present at the scale during post race weighing. Any car wining two features in a row will be required to add 50 pounds of weight. And 25 lbs for each additional win thereafter. Weight may also be added to any car being deemed to have an extreme advantage over the remaining cars in the class.

No radios or mirrors allowed.
The above note rules are designed to create a competitive racing class which is open to a wide range of cars. Changes may be required to these rules to maintain a competitive class throughout the season.
This revision supersedes and replaces all previous revisions.

Please contact Altus Speedway with any questions.

Rev. 00(2/26/2014)

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