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Rule Book Disclaimer:

 The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.

IMAGES, PHOTOS and VIDEO. All images, videotape, camera film, etc… taken on Altus Speedway grounds remains the property of Altus Speedway. All drivers/owners should inform their crewmembers, fans and families that no images may be used for commercial gain without written permission from Altus Motor Speedway, LLC. Anyone found publishing images taken at Altus Speedway without written permission would be in breach of copyright laws. Altus Speedway reserves the right to restrict any person or persons from photographing events held at this facility. Furthermore, Altus Speedway reserves the right to confiscate any film taken of any event.

This is a modified stock car division and is intended for experienced drivers. This is not a beginner class!
We recommend new drivers start in a lower divisions. Drivers requesting to compete in the Super Stock
division may be required to pass a driving test or may be required to start at the rear of the field until
officials feel they are ready to line up by points average. Speedway officials will be empowered to restrict
any car from competing. Any other alterations or modifications not specifically allowed for in these rules
would be considered illegal. Stock OEM means no alterations of any kind to parts. If you are planning to
do something that is not covered in these rules, please consult with the tech inspector before doing so.
Otherwise, your car may not be legal.


*Minimum wheelbase -108". 1964 or newer American made rear wheel drive
car. Unibody cars must have stock floor board, firewall and roof and be intact.

*Frames may be cross-braced or X-ed through center.

*Frames may be plated on inside of frame rails.

*Rear tail section may be replaced with square tubing beginning 5" behind rear
axle centerline.

*Front cross member may be notched for fuel pump, and oil pan clearance

*Outer spring skirt may be trimmed to aid spring changes. A minimal amount
may be removed and re-plated for shock clearance.

*All other areas of stock frame may not be altered or changed from original

*Rusted or damaged areas may be repaired or replaced but must match
original design and size.

*No frame lightening will be allowed such as hole drilling, acid dipping, etc.

*Rear upper control arm mounting shelf may be raised a maximum of 1"
or may have mounting holes 1" higher than factory holes.

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*All cars must have a full roll cage including front and rear bars. Minimum
tubing size is 1" 3/4 for main cage all other bars may be 1" 1/2.

*Roof hoop should be a safe distance from the driver's head and padded.

*Halo support bar recommended.

*Foot protection bars required.

*Three (3) driver side door bars mounted flush with the outer door panel are

*Driver side door bars must have a minimum two (2) upright bars between
each door bar.

*Passenger side door must have door bars or X brace.

*Roll bar padding recommended.

*Drivers' door bars must be plated.

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* Lower A-frame, trailing arm and suspension mountings must remain stock
for frame in factory frame position, this includes hangers and shackles for
leaf springs. Lowering blocks ok. Lower A-frames must be OEM
and must be equal length left to right.

*Front upper control arms may be replaced with tubular arms.

*Aftermarket mounts may be used on front upper control arms.

*No aftermarket, dropped or rewelded spindles.

*No lightening of suspension or brake parts (such as drilled rotors, etc.)

*Shocks may be moved from stock location.

*Only 1 shock per wheel.

*No aluminum body or coil-over shocks allowed.

*Racing springs allowed. 5" minimum diameter coil spring.

*Weight jacks allowed on front and rear.

*Rear spring buckets must be enclosed and in factory location.

*No driver adjustable weight.

*Rear suspension arms bushings must be rubber or urethane maintaining
stock dimensions only. Lower front A-Arms may use steel bushing with stock

*Stock Non Adjustable sway bar only must use stock or polyurethane
bushings where mounted to frame, may use all-thread where mounted to
bottom a-frame.

*No rear sway bar permitted.

*Rear trailing arms must be factory OEM or OEM replacement arms. (Part #
91634051 or 91634055 ) arms must be factory length.

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*Must use stock appearing gear box, idler arm. pitman arm and center link.

*Outer tie rod ends may be replaced with heim ends.

*Only the outer tie rod ends may be shimmed for bump steer.

*No rack and pinion steering.

*No quick steer devices.

*Quick release steering wheel required.

*Safety padding in steering wheel recommended.

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*All bodies must be Altus Speedway approved.

*Clear glass or lexan windshield required. Lexan 1/4 windows and rear
window OK, all other glass must be removed..

* The front bumper optional, pipe front bumpers must be contained behind nose piece.

*Altus Speedway reserves the right to rule whether a body panel meets the
required body rule or not.

*Rear spoiler optional but no winged spoilers allowed. Speedway officials will determine if a spoiler meets rule or not.

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*Recommended front and rear tow hooks, cables or straps must be within
easy reach of the track crews and be made of a material that will not break
when the car is being removed front the track, If you do not have tow hooks
do not complain when something is damaged when you get towed from track.

*All front and rear bars must be concealed.

*Rub rails must be securely mounted, trimmed and/or capped.

*Any race car part that comes loose during a race may cause a black flag for
the car at the official's discretion.

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* The driver's compartment must be fully enclosed around the driver.

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*Engine must be centered between frame rails.

*Must be OEM 3 or 4 speed transmissions. Must have at least one forward
and one reverse gear.

*No spur cut, phase tooth, dogtooth or internal clutch transmissions allowed.

*OEM automatic transmissions with factory cases only.

*Automatics must have working internal front pump, all forward and reverse

*No aluminum front drum or reverse ring gear in automatic transmissions.

*No external lightening or alterations except engagement and shifting

*No couplers, buttons, carbon fiber, in/out boxes or quick-change

*Clutch and pressure plate must be minimum 7.25

*Steel bell housing mandatory on stock clutches..

*Rear ends must be passenger car 10 bolt rear end or 9 inch ford, Floater or
non floater. Aftermarket mounts on ford rear-end ok, must be close to factory
location, multiple holes on bottom brackets of rear-end ok.

*Iron or steel carriers.

*Drive shafts must be magnetic steel.

*Rear ends may be locked. (Lockers or Detroit locker Ok)

*Full floater rear end is highly recommended. All floater parts must be steel
with the exception of the drive flange.

*No gun drilled axles. No cambered rear-ends.

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*All cars must have four-wheel foot operated hydraulic brakes in good working
order with no shut off or cut-off valves or traction control devices in brake
system, brake proportioning valve ok.

*Brake bias gauges may be used.

*Un lightened OEM cast iron brake calipers only.

*Brake ducting is permitted and recommended.

*Aftermarket mounting brackets may be used on rear axle.

*No caliper floater devices. No re-circulators.

*Brake calipers must be single piston OEM or OEM replacement may run big
gm calipers on metric chassis. Or metric calipers on big gm chassis.

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*15X8-inch maximum width steel wheel.

*All wheels must be full racing design.

*Backspacing (offset), 2", 3" or 4" only.

*No single center, flat back wheels.

*Minimum clean wheel weight 19 Ibs.

*No wheel bleeders or bead locks allowed.

*Minimum 1" solid steel lug nuts.

*5/8" solid steel studs must be installed with correct press fit. No welding of
studs. Stud length must be at least flush with outside edge of lug nut.

*Tire rule will be Altus Speedway spec tire only. This rule may be modified
for special events if the racetrack owner/promoter or the tire manufacturer
deem it necessary for safety or other reasons.

*No altering of tire composition.

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* All engine components are based off the Chevy 350 block and heads, any other combination like ford or dodge will need to contact the tech inspector for a list of rules. American made production
V-8 engines only. No V-6 or 4 cylinders.

* Must be production cast iron block with standard external measurements in all respects with the exception of the permissible overbore. (.085 max.)

*Maximum 365 cubic inches.

*No aluminum blocks permitted. Stock production only.

*No removing of identification numbers. No grinding or lightening.

*No 'Bowtie', 'SVO', or 'R' blocks GM approved block numbers are :
3892657,3914678, 3932388, 3932386, 3956618, 393244
3970010, 3970014, 14010207, 14010209, 14316379, 14088548, 14093638,
14101148, 14088526.

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*Stroke must be 3.50" or 3.48". No other combination will be allowed.

*Must have stock diameter front snout.

*Unaltered except for normal cleanup and balancing.

*Cranks should not be gun drilled, contoured or sculptured.

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13. RODS 

*Steel connecting rods only.

*"H" beam rods ok.

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*Any flat top or reverse dome (dished) piston may be used.

*No portion of the piston may protrude above the top of the block.

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*Stock diameter magnetic steel hydraulic or solid flat tappets only.

*No mushroom or roller tappets. No stud girdles or rev kits,
May use screw in studs with guide plates. No other modifications will be allowed.

*Standard timing chain only. No gear drive or belt drive.

*Roller rocker arms and. Poly locks allowed.

*No lift rule on cam.

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16. HEADS 

*Cylinder heads must be a steel production only 23 degree.

*Maximum valve size = 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust.

*Limited to two valves per cylinder.

*No titanium valves or valve retainers permitted.

*Combustion chamber, intake and exhaust ports must be in the original 'as
cast' configuration.

*Three angle valve job permitted.

*Any evidence of sanding, polishing, relieving, grinding, porting, chemical
treating, ceramic work, abrasive blasting, alteration of the original form or the
addition of material to the ports or combustion chambers is strictly forbidden.

*No external sanding, grinding, or removal of I.D. number or symbols.

*Valves must be in stock location and at stock angle.

*10.4 maximum compression ratio as measured on the 'whistler' OR by visual
inspection such as part/casting numbers and flat top or dish pistons
(track official's option which method is used).

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* OEM production cast iron intake, or IMCA-Approved Weiand Intake Manifold, part # 7547-1.

Or IMCA-Approved Edelbrock Intake Manifold part #2701.

* Any evidence of sanding, polishing, relieving, grinding, porting, chemical
treating, abrasive blasting, ceramic work, addition of material or any
alteration to original form is prohibited.

* Cooling bleed lines allowed.

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*A 4 barrel carburetor or 4 barrel quadrajet.

*No visible modifications allowed on or inside the carb. Choke may be

*Two (2) return springs mandatory. An over-center throttle stop is required.

*May use single or multi-bore straight bore adapter.

*No spacer or adapter allowed on IMCA intake with Holley Carb. May use 1"
spacer with cast iron intake or Quadrajet Carb.

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*Factory stock appearing type ignition only.

*No crank triggers.

*No external coils on GM.

*No aftermarket multiple spark discharge, rev limiters or similar devices. No
traction control devices in ignition system or wiring.

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*Headers allowed.

*No stainless steel collectors.

*No tri-Y headers.

*3.5" maximum exhaust before muffler or 'Y'.

*Must exit behind driver.

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*Aftermarket oil pans allowed.

*Oil pump must remain in stock location. No dry sumps.

*Oil filter must be in stock location.

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*No alcohol, May use over counter octane boost.

*Mechanical type push rod fuel pump or electric with proper installation. {contact speedway official}.

*Fuel lines must mount in a position to reduce damage, usually on front side
of pump. No fuel lines shall pass through the driver's compartment.

*No plastic pressure lines.

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*Engine must be centered in frame.

*Engine compartment cross member may be notched for fuel pump clearance.
Remove only what is necessary for fuel pump clearance and plate this area.

* Center line of #1 spark plug cannot set further back than 1.5" behind center
line of bottom ball joints.

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*On/off battery disconnect switch must be located in center of car easily
accessible from either side.

*Maximum 12-volt electrical system with one securely mounted battery only.

*Batteries must be securely mounted outside the driver's compartment.

*Starter, in good working order, must be mounted in OEM position.

*All cars must be capable of starting under their own power, Car can be push
started by another car in pits if having mechanical problems.

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*All engine parts must be in their original and 'as cast' configuration.

*Any evidence of machining, sanding, polishing, relieving, grinding, porting,
coating, chemical treating, abrasive blasting or any other alterations to the
original form or the addition or removal of any material is prohibited.

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*Only high back aluminum racing seats will be allowed. Fitted seat is

*Minimum of 16 1/2' to center of seat from inside of door bars.

*This seat is to be securely mounted to the floor or roll cage.

*Approved minimum 5 point racing harness/belts only.

*Single snap release, 3" lap belt and shoulder harness and sub-belt mandatory.

*All belts/harness' and hardware to be certified within last three seasons.

*All belts shall be securely mounted with grade 5 or better hardware.
All mountings shall be in accordance with the belt manufactures instructions.

*All cars will be required to run a minimum 12" driver side window safety net.

*Window nets will fall down and will snap with a seat belt type snap on top
front corner of window.

*Triangle head protector window net highly recommended.

*All helmets must be SA certified and driver's suit must be SFI certified.

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*On board fire systems highly recommended.

*Quick release type extinguisher mounted within easy reach of the driver is

*Must have gauge and be fully charged.

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*Racing fuel cell or bladder type in steel can. Polyethylene fuel cells ok.

*Maximum capacity 22 gallons.

*Must use foam and roll-over check valves.

*Fuel cell and components ground clearance is 11".

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*Radiator must be of stock configuration and as close to stock location as

*All cars must have minimum 18-gauge fan protection covering upper 180
degrees of fan.

*Minimum 2 quart overflow container required.

*No radiator or fan shrouds protruding through hood.

*No cooling system components inside of drivers compartment.
*Electric fans allowed.

*NO ANTI-FREEZE!!! Fine may result at official's discretion.

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*Minimum 3,200 pounds after the race on Altus Speedway approved scale
with driver sitting upright in seat.

*Maximum left side weight 56.0% of total weight ( no tolerance ).

*All weight, frame and body measurements taken with driver seated in car.

*However if a driver chooses to run stock heads (76cc) and\or stock clutch and flywheel assemblies a driver may deduct 50lbs for each item.

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* All weights must be welded or bolted to the frame or roll cage and identified with car number. Make sure weight is secure.

*No driver adjustable weight.

*Weights behind rear tires must be installed with a minimum ground
clearance of 11 inches, in front of rear tires, 6 inches.
They must be concealed by the body panels.

* If weight falls out during the race disqualification may result.

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